Our Vision

HempLove is sustainable clothing and cruelty free skincare company, that was birthed from a sisterhood based on honesty, transparency and a shared passion for nature and the environment. Today, we stand firmly on these three principles. We believe that transparency towards our customers forms the foundation that we will build HempLove on. Transparency throughout the whole process, from our fair trade raw material sourcing, designing and manufacturing process, our environmental footprint and our involvement in local communities throughout Africa to promote sustainable fashion in every step we take.

As a company started by females, we have a passion to promote and improve the skills sets of women in Africa and bring sustainable fashion to international platforms where it can be recognized. We are a part of the sustainable movement in Africa and we aim to lead by example and set standards for other like-minded individuals to join the sustainable revolution.

Sustainability is not our only point of difference, we aim to challenge and drive a change in the textile and cosmetic industries in Africa by creating awareness and promoting a conscious living as the desired lifestyle.

HempLove was born from a love for Africa and it’s people. Hemp cultivation brings many job opportunities to women throughout Africa and we hope to be actively involved in these communities.

Our Eco-Footprint

Fair trade

Natural dyes

Hemp Fibre

social responsibility

Trims & Harberdashery

Plastic Free Packaging

Meet the Founders

April 2019

Being proudly South African women, who grew up travelling through Africa, we have a long-awoken passion in us to make a difference in the continent that gave our lives meaning. Now, we finally have the chance to start something, something that will move people. Because that is what we strive to do – to move people.

It’s a big challenge. And one that we are willing to accept.

You see, sustainability goes far and wide, and much deeper than we perceive it to be. It is not a marketing gimmick. Sustainability and transparency goes hand in hand and cannot be separated from each other.

At HempLove, we see sustainability as a lifestyle, that requires constant effort and improvement. From the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the skincare products you use to the décor used in your home. It lies in every choice you make.

To live a life with meaning and to find meaning in the small things that we overlook in today’s fast paced lifestyles. The beauty in living a conscious life, is that you start playing a role in society. That role is to change people’s perceptions and to create awareness about how to live more sustainably and be more aware. We are not talking about sustainability from a marketing point of view or as a new social status to put on your Instagram bio, we are talking about making an improvement, how little it might be, to your every day life. And that is how we, as HempLove,  go about our daily lives, striving to be better than the day before, toward others and our planet.

Being in the cannabis industry in South Africa since the start of 2018, we’ve seen the massive potential that the plant can offer and the difference it can make.

We have taken up the challenge to educate, inspire and lead in the best manner we can to show people that the world is changing – and through transparency and open, honest marketing we can slowly help to shift the nature of the fashion and skincare industries in Africa. We look forward to giving the international markets a taste of the quality and niche products that our expanded continent can offer.

With Love

Lorè & Lara